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Why you should be waking up early!

If you are someone that is looking to improve their health, diet and overall lifestyle, whilst still using the weekends or your days off as an excuse to lie in bed until 11am, then you are not going to see any results.

Sorry to break the bad news to you this way, but if you think that blitzing through your week whilst attending the gym a few times means you can completely disregard your sleeping, eating and exercise patterns when it comes to the weekend, you are wrong!

It should be obvious to us now, but a commitment to a positive diet, lifestyle and routine isn’t something that you can forget about some days. Of course, this isn’t to say it can’t be bent slightly to allow for special occasions. But the commitment that you make to a positive lifestyle must always be at the back of your mind. One aspect where this dedication must be the most apparent is your perspective on when to wake up. You may think giving yourself those extra hours in bed on the weekend is benefitting your mind and your body, but this is far from the truth. Here are a few reasons why:

In 2010, a study was conducted by Cristoph Randler, within which he analysed the effects of waking up early. He found that those that woke up early were usually the people that were productive and proactive. To be honest, this shouldn’t take a scientist to figure out. People who wake up early allow themselves more time to make long-term positive plans that will improve their life. You might decide to spend your morning going for a run or walk, or plan a project you’ve been working on. Those that wake up late often find that they have to hurry to wherever they need to be in the afternoon, this doesn’t afford them time to contemplate things, which can lead to major stress.



Another benefit of waking up early is that it helps regulate your diet. When you give yourself enough time in the morning, you can make a meal that will really benefit you. For instance, you might want to spend the morning at the gym. This is where Radiance Coffee comes in. Integrating this coffee into your morning dietary routine can help to give you that determination when you get to your workout. The reason being that this blend of coffee obviously has the invigorating effects of caffeine. But, this boost comes alongside a whole host of other positive affecters. The White Kidney Bean extract reduces spikes in your blood sugar allowing you more control over your mood and food intake. And the thermogenic ingredients (including Cayenne and Green Coffee extract) allow your body to shift into a more productive metabolic cycle for longer. This literally allows you to burn fat for a longer period of time, meaning that you are supporting your workout in the best possible way.

And do you think that you get all of the benefits of this amazing blend if you lay in bed until 11am? Of course not! A lot of people that wake up late often skip breakfast which can lead to serious dietary issues. This is because you are not giving your body any sort of hint of a routine. You can’t expect your body to keep up with you if you live a wild and unpredictable lifestyle, your body has a very complex structure of systems and routines, and these need rules and guidance if they are going to work.

Although the Intermittent Fasting trend is proving to work for some people. This may because it is more in line with how are ancestors ate – starvation, work (hunting, gathering), then feasting later in the day.

Whether you get up and hit the gym with the help of the supportive elements in Radiance Coffee, or you get up and make the most of a sunny day, it truly is the early bird that catches the worm!

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