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Where I get my determination from

If you met me two or three years ago, you’d have a hard time matching up the person I once was, to the person I am now. And if you sat down and had a conversation with me, you’d really notice a difference. Those few years ago, I really did struggle to keep myself focused and determined. I was nowhere near as healthy as I am now, but I found that lack of determination seemed to emanate through everything in my life: my work, my home, my social reputation. I just wasn’t being seen as someone who uses life to their advantage, by my friends, colleagues, and most importantly, by myself.

When you get into that sort of rut it can be hard to hoist yourself out. It can be hard to get up everyday, and assure yourself that there is something out there for you. Life seems to move fast. I went for weeks on end, feeling like everything was getting away from me. If I’d have picked up a book and read up about how I was feeling, I would’ve understood the correlation between my physical lethargy, and my pessimistic mind-set. But thankfully, one friend didn’t give up on me. They noticed I was having a problem, and made it their job to help me to find my way again.



And one of the first ways they tried to turn the tide on my slump? The gym! They made me dust off my membership card and get back in there. But, I didn’t go alone. They also introduced me to Radiance Coffee, a fantastic blend made with 100% Arabica Beans. As well as this, it also has a mixture of various extracts and thermogenic ingredients. These ingredients are designed to help you to remain focused, and help your body to push itself. For instance, I used to find working out really hard because I would find my blood sugar rocketed up as my body was not used to the workout. This was one of the reasons I actually stopped working out. However, Radiance Coffee contains White Kidney Bean extract, which is proven to help increase significant decrements in body weight as well as balance blood sugar as well.

These two elements that my friend introduced to my life, helped me to understand what it was missing. Simply put, I was missing routine. Routine is the binding agent that everyone needs in their life. It helps you to tie yourself down, so you don’t get lost in all the things you need to do or want to accomplish. If you approach life with a strict set of routines, you will find you achieve more over time. Nothing gets accomplished overnight, and nothing worth accomplishing is finished after a day’s work. You have to chisel away at things little by little. And that’s what I found myself doing, day by day I found myself with more time to do things. Whether it was to talk to my parents, to work overtime at home, or to go to the gym and extra time in the day. I had the determination to see these objectives through. And it has to be said, that determination all sprung from my friend forcing me to go to the gym and see my sets through to the end, as well as them introducing me to the supportive elements of Radiance Coffee.

I implore everyone to integrate some form of routine into their life. Whether it be the first piece of routine you introduce, or whether you are strengthening the routines you already have. Those simple structured actions are going to be the elements that help you through life.

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