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Why I chose weight training over cardio

Going to the gym is a never-ending learning curve. Of course, you learn how to use the exercise machines quite quickly, and you learn your weaknesses and your strengths over time too. But there are some aspects of going to the gym that you need time to process and figure out.

When I first started attending my local gym, I couldn’t help but be infected by everyone’s obsession with cardiovascular exercise (this is any form of exercise that raises the heart rate, eg: jogging, cycling, stamina exercises). I hopped onto the treadmills and the stationary bicycles with everyone else and pumped my legs as hard as I could. As my mind and my body became more familiar with the sensation of cardio exercise, I began to be able to push myself harder. I would stay on the bike for longer stretches of time, and it would take a more extended amount of time to wear me out completely. As I got better and better at my cardio routine, I started neglect the little amount of weight training that I had integrated into my schedule.

Why you ask? Because I went to the gym to lose weight. I wanted to shed some pounds I had gained over the last few months whilst I’ve been busy focusing on work. When you go to the gym, the main thing you see is people cycling or jogging, so I joined them as I figured that was the best way to lose the weight I wanted to.

Unfortunately, as I began to forget about the weight training I had in my schedule, my progress in terms of my weight started to dip slightly. Not sure of what was happening, I went to my friend (who is a well experienced gym-goer and a personal trainer), and they told me that larger muscles burn more fat. This means that when you undergo a sufficient amount of weight training, your metabolism escalates for a while after you finish exercising, your muscles are burning fat even after you stop! Also cardio helps you to thin down, but it helps your whole body to thin down too, muscle and fat and everything else!

My friend said that they would help me out. They introduced me to Radiance Coffee, telling me that if I used this in conjunction with an updated weight training schedule I would see some positive results.

Weight training is a lot harder than cardio that’s for sure! I spent the first few times struggling a bit. However, that’s where the coffee first kicked in, it boosted my determination due to the levels of Acetyl- L-Carnitine in its blend, and allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel of every set and rep that I did!

As I continued to push through the pain every session, I then started to recognise results. My body, through the magic of weight training and the fantastic formula in the Radiance Coffee I was drinking, was being shifted into a more intense metabolic state more often. I began to lose the weight I wanted to a lot quicker than when I was solely doing cardio.

I looked to see if there was any research on the ongoing battle between cardio and weight training, and I was right. A multitude of institutions have found that weight training (or high intensity interval training) was the better for you.

There will always be times when you think you know the best workout for yourself, but everyone needs a little bit of a push in the right direction when it comes to getting what they really want out of a workout. I still do a bit of cardio exercise, but it’s definitely an accessory to my main workout. Weight training is the main event. And with the help of the metabolism-stimulating ingredients in Radiance Coffee, I know that I will continue to knock my workout out of the park every single time! And the knowledge that every rep is adding that little bit more work for my heart and muscles to do, helps me to envision my perfect physique.

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