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How to be FEARLESS in the gym

I think I speak for absolutely every gym-goer, even every person that enjoys exercising, when I say that there is a certain type of exercise that used to strike fear into my heart and make me turn white. Everyone has that exercise they struggle with. The exercise that they find it hard to face with determination and grit. It may be a bit embarrassing to face, as it’s funny to think an exercise is making you leave the gym early, or making you a little worried. But everyone has trouble with certain aspects of a workout.

What was it for me? Cardio.

Cardiovascular exercise is any workout that requires an intense amount of aerobic, energy-generating processes. This could be anything from running, to cycling, to swimming. Anything that involves a large amount of exercise that isn’t related to lifting weights. The benefits of cardio exercise are huge and innumerate. It promotes weight loss in a huge way, helps protect the body against cardiovascular diseases, and also increases brain power. All in all, it just helps the body and brain to function, you’d be in a pretty bad place if you didn’t do even a little bit of cardio in your everyday life. It was anything past that, that struck fear into me and made me leave my workout early. I just couldn’t seem to do it. I would hope on the stationary bicycle or the running machine and start at a slow pace. But as soon as I tried to pick up the pace to shift my body into a higher intensity of workout, my legs just resisted. After this initial moment I would find that my brain would just lose interest. I wouldn’t be determined to finish my workout at all. I think this is partly to do with the fact that cardio is a very mundane and repetitive exercise type, but also because I just lacked the determination to do it.

I chose to ignore this shortcoming and just push through with the factors of my workout I was used to. But, gradually I found that I was sorely missing those cardio aspects. My stamina when doing aerobic exercise was shrinking. Before anything could get too bad, I hopped online to see what sort of supplements I could find to give me that edge. I didn’t find a supplement per say, but what I did find changed my view of cardio forever.

Radiance Coffee is the hero of this story. Firstly, it does supply you with that boost that any other coffee would, the caffeine included in the blend gave me that adrenaline rush to challenge myself. Combined with the Vitamin B and 5-HTP also included, my workout seemed like so much smaller of an obstacle. Ingredients like White Kidney Bean extract and Glucomannan have helped to level out things like blood sugar and cholesterol which is extremely important. When it comes to doing a type of exercise you sometimes find challenging, you want your body to focus on that and only that. And this is exactly what the concoction within Radiance Coffee does.

I have been using Radiance Coffee for a few months now, and it has made so much difference. To be completely honest, the cardio sections of my workouts are now the bits I’m really looking forward to! I know that my body has been helped into a state of readiness by the ingredients in the amazing drink I have had just before starting my workout. And, it tastes great too, a lot better than any sort of milkshake or protein anybody else is forcing down their throat. It may look like an ordinary coffee, but it’s my secret weapon.

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